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Can Social Media Save Mom and Pop Businesses?

Can Social Media Save Mom and Pop Businesses?

by RichardJune 29, 2011

Neighborhood businesses are investing more and more money and man hours into developing a social media presence to attract consumers. But can fan pages, status updates, and tweets actually increase foot traffic and sales at brick & mortar establishments? Free Phone Surveys™ ( – a new cloud-based marketing application – is answering that question by taking advantage of the popularity of social networking and texting to drive more customers to local businesses, virtually on demand.

Free Phone Surveys™ is managed using a simple web interface and a telephone. First, business owners record a brief customer survey question over the phone and then create a special limited-time offer as an incentive for survey participants. Next, customers are invited to call and answer the survey question free of charge, via Facebook, Twitter or any other social networking platform. When customers call to take the survey, they will instantly receive a text message with the special offer. This text message is the call to action for customers to come into the business and redeem the offer before it expires.

“Getting customers to initially follow you on social media is relatively easy,” explained Dorsey West, founder of Free Phone Surveys™. “Our goal is to make that social networking relationship valuable for both the client and the business – otherwise, it’s a waste of everyone’s time and won’t last very long.”

The only costs for businesses to use Free Phone Surveys™ are text messaging fees, which are currently $20 for every 100 messages sent. Free Phone Surveys™ does not charge survey participants; however, standard messaging and airtime rates from their respective wireless carriers will still apply. Business owners can sign up for a Free Phone Surveys™ account online at and begin using the service within minutes.


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