New My Docs Online Desktop App Offers Cloud Collaboration Solution for Sharing QuickBooks

by Richard on February 15, 2011

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A new PC and Mac Java app from  My Docs Online offers collaboration through Internet cloud File Locking to share QuickBooks files, with all editing done using desktop versions of QuickBooks.

My Docs Online ( has released its new, Java-based Desktop App, which in addition to full-featured file upload, download, and management features, includes the new ability to share and collaborate on QuickBooks files.

With the My Docs Online Enterprise Edition, administrators can control which users have View or Full Control of a folder of files. Coupled with the new Desktop App’s powerful File Locking feature, users with Full Control can Lock & Open any QuickBooks file with their PC or Mac version of QuickBooks to securely edit and then later Save & Unlock back to the cloud.

Other collaborators are not allowed to edit the same file at the same time, but retain View access.

“QuickBooks file sharing has been a problem that entrepreneurs and small businesses have been trying to overcome for years,” said Stephen Campbell, President of My Docs Online. “The new file locking technology built into our Desktop App provides a safe and easy way to open and update QuickBooks directly from your My Docs account, while keeping others from making changes until you’re finished using the file.”

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