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New My Docs Online Desktop App Offers AutoCAD Cloud Collaboration Solution

New My Docs Online Desktop App Offers AutoCAD Cloud Collaboration Solution

by RichardFebruary 7, 2011

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A new PC and Mac Java app from file sharing pioneer My Docs Online offers collaboration through Internet cloud file locking for all AutoCAD and other Autodesk file types, with all editing done at the desktop using familiar tools.

My Docs Online ( has released the second Beta of its Java-based Desktop App, which in addition to full-featured file upload, download, and management features, includes the new ability to collaborate on all kinds of AutoDesk AutoCAD files.

With the My Docs Online Enterprise Edition, administrators can control which users have View or Full Control of a folder of files. Coupled with the new Desktop App’s powerful File Locking feature, users with Full Control can Lock & Open any DWG or other Autodesk file with their PC or Mac applications to securely edit and then later Save & Unlock back to the cloud.

Other collaborators are not allowed to edit the same file at the same time, but retain View access.

“In contrast to AutoCAD WS, which offers a limited set of purely online editing options, the My Docs Online Desktop App’s File Locking feature supports distributed collaboration, but allows the user to do all editing at desktop speeds with familiar, full-featured and powerful desktop applications, said Stephen Campbell,” President of My Docs Online.

An article in the My Docs Online FAQ offers more details on how AutoCAD File Locking works.

My Docs Online Enterprise Edition pricing starts at $59.95 per year. A 15-day Free Trial is also available and includes all features and three user IDs.

My Docs Online has been providing online file sharing, collaboration and delivery to entrepreneurs, professionals, and small businesses since 1999. For information visit

AutoCAD®, and AutoCAD® WS are trademarks of Autodesk, Inc.

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  • Xavier Grehant

    If you need multiple people to edit a file simultaneously, mydocsonline is probably the right tool. In other cases you may want to edit offline and share for review, without letting others change what you’ve done. In those cases you might want to check out “shortcut”, by the advantage of not editing online is that everyone keeps her own history of sent / received files and comments.

    Sharing on shortcut ( is like sending an email, except that you visualize messages in their context, which greatly simplifies the communication. Also you don’t need to install anything, and you don’t even need to create an account for your collaborators because it’s done automatically when needed. So simple even your clients can connect.


    • CloudNewsDaily


      Thanks for the comment and the link to another alternative.