Cloud will Power the Global Communications Market

The global communications market is growing at astronomical rates, a lot of which is powered by the cloud.  In fact, a report by, shows that the global communications market will reach $4.45 billion by 2021 and this robust growth will be aided by cloud-based solutions.

We can even say that cloud will power the future of global communications market due to a combination of many factors. First off, the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) movement is catching up in a big way, where employees can use their own personal devices to access work files and even complete their task. Such a system works best with cloud-based solutions where employees can access whatever they want from a cloud system and can put it back there once they’re done.  Since idea is prevalent across all businesses, cloud is becoming an integral part of the network.

Another reason for the emergence of cloud as an important aspect in the global communications market is the cost-effectiveness. As companies expand their reach, they need to tap into a global market. In many cases, their operations are spread across different countries and continents, so building a communications network can be prohibitive. A better option would be to use the cloud as employees from any part of the world can access a central repository to complete their work. Also, subscriptions to cloud-based services are dead cheap and this is another reason for adopting cloud.

The third factor is there is a marked shift happening from standalone communication systems to embedded ones. Many companies today are faced with the choice of replacing their existing PBX systems simply because they’re old and outdated. Instead they have a choice to either have a contact center or to move operations to the cloud. Many are choosing the latter option simply because it’s easy and convenient. Also, it requires no huge investments like rental space and equipment.

The last reason is customization. The needs of every company is unique, so a one-size-fits-all solution is not a practical approach anymore. Each company needs a customized solution that best addresses its needs, and cloud offers the level of customization that companies need in order to make the most of their resources and capabilities. This is more relevant in the communications industry than others, simply because the geographic spread, nature of business and the number of employees will vary greatly.

Besides these factors, companies understand the benefits that come with cloud-based solutions and these include increased operational efficiency, lowered costs, greater flexibility for employees and so much more. Every company wants to leverage these benefits and this is another reason they’re embracing the cloud.

In short, the communication market is adopting cloud-based solutions in a big way as it believes cloud can power the next generation of systems needed for a diverse and globalized workspace communication network. Already many companies have joined this bandwagon and it’s only a matter of time before others get on it too.

Overall, this is fantastic for both the cloud and communications sectors.

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