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April 24, 2015

Amazon at the top of the Cloud Market

On Thursday, Amazon released their financial performance numbers, and they proved that Amazon is at the top of the cloud market compared to their competitors. Though they are known as an online marketplace, most of their stock market returns and revenue has come from renting processing power to start ups and enterprises.


Amazon was the leader in popularizing the cloud-computing field, and for a while they were the only ones to offer such services. This allowed for them to gain an advantage when others began to offer cloud-computing services. Others saw this field as an opportunity to tap into hundreds of billions of dollars. Microsoft has been especially [...]

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April 20, 2015

Amazon and Microsoft Bring Public Cloud Storage to a New Level

Microsoft announced last week that Azure Premium Storage would soon become widely available. The week before this announcement, Amazon launched their Elastic File System, a new public storage cloud, at the AWS Summit. Both of these have helped the adoption of using the cloud.


Public storage is usually available in one of three types. Object storage is exposed via standard REST APIs to store and retrieve data. Block storage files are attached to a VM and then become available as local disks. Lastly, archival storage is an alternative to tape-based backing systems. This type of storage is used to store data that is not accessed very often. These three storage types [...]

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April 16, 2015

SoftNAS Helps Solve Enterprise Storage Problems

SoftNAS, a leading software company that provides storage software to protect critical data across all types of clouds, announced today that their new solution for on-site, hybrid and public cloud storage management, called the SoftNAS Cloud File Gateway, is available. It aims to manage the high expenses behind baking up data and time required to archive and retrieve older data. SoftNAS Cloud File Gateway allows on-site and hybrid cloud storage systems to exist as a unified, shared file system to maximize savings and flexibility. The software is ideal for enterprises due to its local caching and S3 object storage connectivity.


Research done by Markets and [...]

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